Attention Westchester County Veterans:

Due to New York State, Westchester and CDC Guidance over Covid-19
concerns most day to day activities have been cancelled or greatly reduced.
We know that the problems and issues Veterans deal with on a day-to-day
basis have not been cancelled or reduced. If anything Veteran issues have
gotten worse due to the isolation and loss of routine services.

In an abundance of caution the “Westchester County Veterans Service
Committee” (WCVSC) has ceased all in person meetings and activities
until further notice. Please also know that Veteran issues and problems
remain at the forefront of our members and officers’ thoughts and our
continuing efforts until we can safely meet and work in public again.

Remember you are not alone; we are here with you and working for all
Veterans, all the time. If you have problems or issues, contact any one of the
WCVSC Committee Members with your concerns. If we cannot assist you
directly, we can help connect you with resources that can.


Bill Aguilar, Chairman  
914-260-9602 cell/text

Richard Calbo, Vice Chairman
914-417-1231 cell/text

Chester Edwards, Vice Chairman
914-260-2122 cell / text
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