Share a lifetime of your experience and skill helping
elderly and disabled Veterans in our community.
VETS Helping VETS promotes volunteerism, particularly for veterans who need help.   If you are someone who wants to lend a helping hand, this is for you.   
We are not talking about fixing a roof or adding an addition on a house, but rather someone to help with some yard work, change a few light bulbs or fix that door that won't close right. 
Many elderly veterans in your area need a few minutes a week and sometimes just a few moment of your time just to talk and see that someone cares about them.
As we get this program off the ground, understand that we will have a few rules applied and of course, volunteers will have to be approved.
Westchester County Veterans agency will facilitate our efforts with taking applications from volunteers, providing us with liability insurance and making sure the seniors who request assistance truly need it.   Many seniors are still able to live in their own homes and get by with just a little help from us.
If this is something that you can lend a hand doing every once in while, let us know. 
Contact information for RSVP is below.  
Once they find that you are eligible to participate, you will be on our list to help out. 
Thanks  from one veteran to another !!